Copyleft (ɔ) All Rights Reversed

This WORK is hereby relinquished of all associated ownership, attribution and copy rights, and redistribution or use of any kind, with or without modification, is permitted without restriction subject to the following conditions:

1. Redistributions of this WORK, or ANY work that makes use of ANY of the contents of this WORK by ANY kind of copying, dependency, linkage, or ANY other possible form of DERIVATION or COMBINATION, must retain the ENTIRETY of this license.
2. No further restrictions of ANY kind may be applied.

Fully permissive, viral software license. The VPL is designed to achieve and extend the GPL's strong copyleft without the burden of its obligations and restrictions. The VPL's sole restriction is its own viral continuity, allowing it to effectively and permanently infect any work it touches with absolute permissiveness.